Why Supporting Other Writers is so Important!

Hi guys!

I fussed a lot over what to write about this week, and after a bit of a toss around, I thought I’d say why I think it’s so important that writers support other writers!

There are obviously millions of writers around the world; and each of them are at different stages in their journey. Some are plotting, some are writing, some are editing, some are submitting, some are getting rejections, some are getting yesses, some are publishing themselves, some are doing it the old fashioned way, some have their books on shelves, and some are even make millions-of-pounds doing what they love! Whether you’re right at the beginning of the journey, or steadily on the track, what we all have in common, is this passion for writing.

And, whether it’s writing fiction or non-fiction, novels or articles, recipes or poems, all of us, as writers, have a duty that comes with the job, and that is to support one another!

And the reason for that is that every writer knows writing is hard, whilst non-writers, most of the time, think it’s something easy. They think you put a few sentences down on a piece of paper, and that, somehow, that makes it publishable straight away. They don’t understand the degree of hardships we go through; the writing, which can be a long winded journey in itself, the editing that nearly kills us off, the publishing process, whichever route you take, it isn’t fast, or cheap, it’s hard work. It might even be one of the hardest things you try and do!

And that’s why supporting your fellow writers, whether it’s in real life or online, is so important! We’re all in this together, we’ve been in the same slumps at one point or another, we’ve had the same experiences, the same feelings of doubt and happiness, and who’s better to give you a helping hand than someone who knows how you feel?

It doesn’t have to be drastic support in any sense of the word, a like, an encouraging comment, it all helps to build up a persons confidence, to reassure them that they should keep going!

So, to conclude this little post, encourage those new writers to keep writing, those old writers to keep writing, those editing to keep pulling apart their drafts, and those in the midst of presenting their hard work to the world a helping hand!

And remember to tell them to just keep writing!

Writing can be the hardest thing you do, but in the end, it rewards the most!



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